Delaware Valley shows mixed results against North Pocono

Milford. While the JV team triumphed, the varsity players fell short of a win.

| 10 Jan 2024 | 02:38

North Pocono visited Delaware Valley at the start of the new year to take on the boys’ basketball team. As always, first up was the JV team, which is still undefeated. In the first period, Delaware Valley took a minor lead of 11-6.

In the second period, Delaware Valley methodically built on that lead and closed out the half, leading 28-12. But in the third period, North Pocono started playing much better. Despite that, Delaware Valley held on to their with a score of 38-27.

North Pocono was playing their hearts out. However, they could not overcome the 20-point deficit, quite frankly because Delaware Valley would not allow it. Delaware Valley won it 47-39.

Here is how Delaware Valleys scoring went: Colin McGarvey scored 13 points, of which three baskets were 3-pointers; Sam Wood put in 12 points and he had two baskets for 3-point shots; James Dabney had 9; Alex Calvalario had 7, and one of his was a 3-point shot; LeBron Walker scored 4; and Justin Estevez hit for 1.

This turned out to be a tough game but Delaware Valley hung tough and did not allow it to slip away from them.

Then the varsity team took the court. Both teams seemed to be evenly matched and the first period has North Pocono up 12-9. In the second period Tommy Parker had a beautiful block and a steal and scored both times. Then Logan Olsommer also had a block and steal and made them both count, scoring lay ups on both also.

However, North Pocono still held the lead at 20-18.

In the third period everything went right for North Pocono, while Delaware Valley started to fall behind and forcing shots that didn’t go in the basket.

In the third period, North Pocono was up 33-26. It just got worse from there. Delaware Valley made some sloppy passes that cost them scoring opportunities. In all of this Isiah Berrios was the bright spot, doing heavy-duty rebounding and fine foul shooting, but it just wasn’t enough. North Pocono won it 59-47.

Here is how the Delaware Valley scoring went: Tommy Parker had 15, Isiah Berrios had 10, Jackson Corrie had 8, Tyler Lombardo had 6, and Logan Olsommer had 4.

I have to say that I have seen some terrible officiating down through the years and elected to not comment on it. I’m well aware the anyone can make an honest mistake. I was ready to say that this game’s officials were making the Delaware Valley fans annoyed but towards the end it became infuriating. Delaware Valley would get mugged and there were no calls. When Delaware Valley got near another player, they were called for fouls. All that anyone wants to see is consistency. I sure hope to see them do a better job here on out.