Delaware Valley sweeps all three sets against Parkland

Milford. The boys’ varsity volleyball team played hard.

| 08 May 2024 | 03:49

On Friday, May 3, and it is Delaware Valley boys’ varsity volleyball team played against Parkland. As soon as the game began it became very obvious that Parkland was a very good team. They certainly seemed to be on the Delaware Valley level and it was looking that this might just be a long and tough night.

Delaware Valley managed to pull out a first set victory but they had to battle to get it. It was a 25-20 win and I was feeling very good about their chances. Parkland is from the Lehigh Valley area between Whitehall and Allentown. Their 3,220-student enrollment makes them the fourth largest public school in Pennsylvania. This year’s volleyball team is not just good, they are a great team. Max Preps has them rated as sixth in the state. Oh boy, this is going to be tough.

The second set proved that to be very true. Both teams traded leads throughout the set. They were tied at 25, 26 and 27. Parkland scored 27 first and was one point away from taking the set but Delaware Valley buckled down and won it 29-27. It was a heart stopper though, and no guarantee to win another one to secure the total victory. Parkland was a very tough, very talented, and a very worthy opponent filled with big and tall players. But so is Delaware Valley, so we have a real game here.

The third set started out tight and seemed to belong to anybody. Delaware Valley then got hot and wore down Parkland. The Lehigh Valley team didn’t surrender and never quit fighting. Still, Delaware Valley won it 25-20, taking all three sets, sweeping Parkland.

This was a monster victory and it serves notice that Delaware Valley is not just a northeast Pennsylvania local power, Delaware Valley is a state power.

Earlier last week, Delaware Valley traveled out of the area and played in a round robin tournament where they got to the finals. They lost in a one set game, but made a very good accounting of themselves.

Now back to the May 3 game. I have to mention individuals at this point. Both Gino Gualandi and Tom Parker had the best games that I have seen them play so far this year. Parker had five kills and three blocks. Gualandi had four kills and just an overall outstanding game, as did Parker. Ok the big man, Chris U’Glay, our all-state player, had 23 kills, one clean block, and three aces.

Samuel Yost and Karter Peereboom both had two absolutely brilliant saves that seemed impossible to achieve. There was a loud woo from the fans each time as we all were stunned that they could make those plays.

So many other players had great games; however, Jack Greening and Sam Wood need mentioning, having their usual outstanding games. The whole team volleyed well and set up plays beautifully. They were exciting to watch and did the community proud.

Like the D.V. football team this year, this volleyball team is a team that people will talk about for years to come. Great job guys and keep it going.