Delaware Valley wins lopsided victory against Williamsport

Milford. Williamsport got frustrated and grew aggressive on the field, with some rough tactics starting to be manifested. However, D.V. is not to be bullied.

| 14 Oct 2021 | 03:44

Anyone who knows anything about Delaware Valley sports knows they’ve put some really great teams on the field, girls and boys, in all sports.

But let’s be real. This is a football town and a football school. Delaware Valley has been the Pocono football powerhouse for a few decades now.

This is the first season that it looked like it was going to be a rough one for the local boys. The season started out with three losses. I knew they were going to correct this before the season was over, and so far they have.

They are extremely well-coached, they are very disciplined, and they run the field like a well-oiled machine.

The result was four straight victories. They finally had a home game on Oct. 8. The challenger for the evening was Williamsport, and they very much intended to ruin the evening.

Delaware Valley was not about to let it happen, though. DV scored a touchdown with fewer than two minutes playing time in the first quarter. It was looking very good for DV, and by time the half was finished, DV was up 20-0.

There were many great plays in the first half, but the backbreaker was an 87-yard run by Paulie Weinrich. He just smoked to field.

This was a very physical game. Williamsport is big, strong, and talented. They came out in the second half determined to turn this game around. They had a couple of bruising runningbacks and managed some nice passes, but, and this is a big but, every time they were driving down field, disaster would hit. They would be intercepted, fumble, or get penalties that kept setting them back.

Frustrated, they became aggressive on the field. Some rough tactics started to be manifested. However, DV is not to be bullied. The result was a slow 4th quarter marred with penalties and even ejections.

Delaware Valley managed a 26-0 victory, and it could have wound up even more lopsided. Now this may sound strange, but Williamsport was also better than this. This game could have and should have been about 40+ to 20+. It would have been more exciting and more fun to watch, but it is what it is, and that was a 26-0 victory for the hometown heroes.

I have to mention how much fun these games are. The local support is amazing. The cheerleading and student section is a blast. They are so animated and having so much fun that it is infectious. It is just a great evening out. It sure beats watching T.V.

Let’s wrap up: Next week is senior night, where all seniors are honored. That is always special, so if there is one game that you will attend, then that is the one. They will be playing Scranton, and if D.V. plays up to its ability, which I have no doubt they will, they should win that game with the potential of winning out the season.

After such a rough start to the season, and after having lost so many core seniors last year, this is a testament to the toughness of these kids as well as to how well they are coached. There is a great feeder system from the lower grades, and Delaware Valley should be providing exciting football for many years to come.