DV beats Scranton in state playoffs

Milford. At the start of the second half, Scranton seemed invigorated. DV, however, remained all-business.

| 10 Nov 2021 | 02:37

The Pennsylvania high school football regular season is over, but as is usually the case, Delaware Valley is in the thick of the state playoffs.

DV played Scranton on Nov. 5, after beating them handily in the regular season. So, I predicted that if DV played their usual excellent game, they should win again. And they did just that.

Here’s how the scoring went in the first half: DV’s first possession was a machine like unstoppable drive that culminated in a Harlem Cook touchdown run.

The next possession saw a pass interference by Scranton, giving DV good field position, and then a touchdown run by Paulie Weinrich.

The third score came on a DV interception of a Scranton pass. DV then attempted to drive down field but wound up stalling and finding themselves with a forth down and 14 yards to go. They went for it, and a pass play gave them a first down on the six-yard line. The score came on a pass play to Joe Sciascia.

Scranton did not want to be humbled and put their nose to the grindstone. Charlie Thompson had a brilliant 73-yard run but was caught by Ryder Machado on the six-yard line. Scranton was not to be denied, though, and scored with 19 seconds left in the half. At the close of the half, the score was 21-7 in DV’s favor.

At the start of the second half, Scranton seemed invigorated and had some momentum after scoring at the close of the first half. DV, however, remained all-business, typical of DV football.

However, DV’s first possession stalled and they had to punt.

Scranton took over and passed the ball, but Paulie Weinrich intercepted the pass and took it down to the 42-yard line. DV worked the ball down to the five-yard line, where Paulie Weinrich ran it in for a touchdown.

Scranton stalls

Scranton was driving but was finally stalled. They pulled off a cool play, which was a fake punt, and got the first down. They were again frustrated by an interception this time by Nate Melnick. DV could not push it in for a touchdown so kicked a good field goal.

Scranton played hard and mixed up passes and runs all evening. Their quarterback scrambled very well and remained elusive.

He had a good and accurate arm and ran well too. Their workhorse, Charlie Thompson, was a pile driver. He wasn’t the fastest kid on the field, but he was like a bulldozer when he ran.

On the DV side, I counted 14 kids whose names kept coming up for making good plays. There are to many to mention but the most notable were Ryder Machado, Nate Melnick, Harlem Cook, Joe Sciascia, quarterback CJ Ross, Paulie Weinrich and kicker Brett Bell, who was perfect that night with 5 extra points and a field goal.

I have to make honorable mention of the cheerleaders, who are so much improved over years past, as well as the band, which did a nice job. The baton twirler, decked out in red and gold outfit, did a very nice job as well.

All in all, it was another fine evening of sport and entertainment.