DV boys’ basketball triumphs over W. Scranton in intense gameplay

Milford. There were wins all around, with varsity winning 40-36.

| 31 Jan 2024 | 03:37

Well the last weekend in January was a really big one for Delaware Valley basketball. The boys’ JV and varsity teams defeated West Scranton. The JV players, as usual, were dominate. The varsity had a tough battle against a team that’s talent was pretty much on par with Delaware Valley. But Delaware was determined, and had perhaps their best game this year.

In the first quarter of the varsity game, W. Scranton blocked five Delaware Valley shots, but Delaware Valley managed to get a 10-7 lead, in part because of a 3-point shot by Tommy Parker.

In the start of the second period, both teams had trouble making baskets. Then Isiah Berrios hit a 3, followed by Tyler Lombardo, and even more from Tommy Parker, earning a lead of 24-19.

In the second half W. Scranton started blocking shots again. Then Berrios made a beautiful steal and a perfect pass for a score. He shot a 3-pointer, and then another one. A W. Scranton player was called for a technical foul. Delaware Valley made both foul shots, helping them up a handsome lead. But there was no surrender for W. Scranton and the period ended 40-36 Delaware Valley.

In the final period the game got very physical. Lombardo was fouled twice and sunk all four shots. Delaware Valley made some critical plays and then Lombardo was fouled again. Then Berrios was fouled. Both scored one each. In the end, Delaware Valley won 56-52. It was a hold your breath game as both teams were bound and determined to win this game.

Top scorers were Lombardo with 17, and Parker and Berrios both with 15 points.

Now for the JV game. I’m not going to go into a long play by play, I’m just going to say that this JV team is very good and indicate an improved future for Delaware Valley. They won 40-31 but believe me it wasn’t that close.

LeBron Walker scored 10 points, and he improves with every game. He will develop into a special player for Delaware Valley if he keeps going like this.

Next is Sam Wood. He is skilled in every aspect of the game. In this game he scored 10 points to be a lead scorer with Walker.

A real steady player and an important asset, Alex Calvalario scored 7 points. He is always key to every victory. While Justin Estevez scored 5, he is the main ball handler here. He is also the muscle on the floor. Nobody wrestles the ball out of his arms but he has a good takeaway percentage both in steals and flat out takeaways.

James Dabney is an intimidating player. He blocks shots and can really jump. When it is called for he can score well too. I can say the same about his twin brother Drew Dabney. Ben Ioffe looks like he grew two inches this year and will be an integral part of the future success of the team.

I can’t say enough about Colin McGarvey who was deadly for the JV team but is primarily a varsity guy now.

For the next couple years, Delaware Valley is going to be a team to recon with.