DV boys’ JV basketball dominates Honesdale in 53-38 victory

Milford. The varsity team was not as successful, with a loss of 56-50 against Honesdale.

| 12 Jan 2024 | 03:59

The Delaware Valley boys’ basketball teams had to get themselves back on track after being abused by Wallenpaupack last week. The JV team corrected its ship by giving Honesdale a thorough beating. Right from the start they were showing Honesdale who was going to be the boss. In the first period Delaware Valley took a 14-8 lead.

In the second period Delaware Valley was clicking on all cylinders; they stretched the lead to 33-17 at the half. They continued their merry way and closed the third period at 46-30. And then they got everyone in to play in the final and still won the game 53-38.

Scoring went like this: Colin McGarvey had 17 points, Alex Calvalario had 11, Sam Wood had 10, James Dabney had 5, and Justin Estevez had 4. Ben Ioffe, LeBron Walker, and Noah Berrios all scored 2 points.

Good job, boys! That’s the way to come back from a disappointing loss that snapped your winning streak. Now you’re starting a new winning streak. Keep it up!

The varsity team did not have the same good fortune.

To start off, very early in the game Tyler Lombardo got seriously jabbed in the eye. His vision seemed to be affected the entire game. Still Delaware Valley battled to a first period tie of 12 all. Both teams played well. They were comparable in size and skill.

Although both showed equal ball-handling and rebounding skills, Honesdale was hitting their open man a bit better and their open man was hitting 3s. Thus, they went out to a 29-20 halftime lead.

In the third period Honesdale was making every scoring opportunity count while Delaware Valley went cold. Delaware Valley made some really bad pass selections and either lost the ball or missed the shots while Honesdale just seemed to be getting better. With the third period ending and Honesdale holding a 41-28 lead, it was beginning to look very bleak.

Whoa. Hold everything. In the fourth period Honesdale began to crash. They got really sloppy but unfortunately at this point Delaware Valley still had trouble scoring. Eventually Delaware Valley did start to score and made a worthy game out of it. They lost 56-50 but if they had played the entire game like they played the last five minutes, things would have been very different.

Now if Tyler Lombardo had not been poked in the eye, had his vision not been affected, and if he scored his normal number of points, well they might have won. But that’s how sports go.

The scoring went like this for the varsity players: Tommy Parker scored 23, Colin McGarvey scored 7, Nick Jorgensen hit for 6, Alex Calvalario and Tyler Lombardo both got 5, and Sam Wood put in 2.