DV boys’ volleyball beats Wyoming Valley West

Milford. The final score was 3-0 Delaware Valley.

| 23 Apr 2024 | 01:56

I had a very pleasant and enjoyable evening Thursday, April 18. After having been able to attend Delaware Valley’s super football team this year and then observing an outstanding JV basketball team along with a varsity team that fell a bit short of expectations, Thursday I saw our outstanding boys’ varsity volleyball team totally dismantle Wyoming Valley West.

It was so dominant that when Wayne Valley scored a point, their cheering section went wild. But Delaware Valley led each set by at least 10 points in their 3-0 sweep.

Chris U’Glay was nothing short of amazing. He made the all-state team last year as a junior and will no doubt repeat this year. His spikes/kills were totally un-returnable. His serves were aces almost every time.

I remember watching Blake Gerhart who was a fantastic player a few years ago, but U’Glay has about six inches on Gerhart and employees every inch to his advantage.

Aiden Papula also had an outstanding evening. He served up many spikes that were also un-returnable. Tommy Parker, who we watched post up many points for the basketball team, also blasted plenty of spikes as well.

Gino Gualandi and Sam Wood were great assets to the team also.

I enjoyed watching Ritesh Patel serve. His serves were soft and seemed like they were very returnable but they were almost always placed exactly were the other team had no one in position. The result was ace after ace.

Delaware Valley has already played six state power houses and came away with a respectable 3-3. Two of them were top 10 teams. Exeter is #4 while Emmaus is #6. Delaware Valley gave them both a tough run for their money. Delaware Valley is also rated #2 in the area and is undefeated in the district and their conference.

Before the season is over I think that they will be #1 and area champs. We will be watching.