DV boys’ volleyball dominates Crestwood High

Milford. The final score was 3-0.

| 29 Apr 2024 | 03:29

Delaware Valley boys’ varsity volleyball team played again at home on Thursday, April 25, against Crestwood High School. Delaware Valley had been listed as the number two team in the area for volleyball, but Wilkes Barre leapfrogged over Delaware Valley and took the number two spot, knocking Delaware Valley down to number three. Then Delaware Valley played Wilkes Barre and beat them 3-1, regaining the number two spot. (Blue Ridge High School currently holds the number one spot.) Then Crestwood comes to town at the number five spot. Quite respectable right? Well Delaware Valley dismantled them 3-0.

Delaware Valley won 25-15, 25-10, then 25-13. I call that a very convincing domination of a highly rated team.

Here’s the count: Chris U’Glay had 17 kills, three aces, and five blocks. Tommy Parker had three kills. Although I didn’t score him with any aces, he did serve up about 10 straight points in game three.

Geno Gualandi had four kills and one block. Ritesh Patel had a kill and a blocked shot. And Iden Papula had a block.

While Blue Ridge has not played a schedule like Delaware Valley has. I am hoping that before the season is over that they will play each other to determine a true area champ and not leave it up to a judgement call.

This last game did not seem as crisp as in the Wyoming Valley West game, but they were still able to totally dominate a high-ranking team. This gives you an Idea of the talent on this team. Keep up the good work fellows.