DV duels Hanover with 3-point shots and does them in

Milford. Hanover played a strong game, and winning was not certain until the end.

| 14 Dec 2022 | 06:20

Before I get started with this coverage, I have to make a correction from a previous article. I jumbled two players, Super Freshman Tyler Lombardo and a great Junior Tommy Parker. I am so sorry, people.

Here is my excuse. This team is mostly underclassmen, many whom I am unfamiliar with, and I am still trying to learn who is who. That is my story and I’m sticking with it. Ha. I promise to try harder in the future.

Now as for the game. Hanover Area is from the Wilkes Barre area. They have not had a great start to the season so far. They lucked out tonight because Del Val has been hit hard with the flu.

The 3 tallest players were missing--Chris U’Glay, Peter Stanislavsky and Tyee Irving. Tyee is usually a monster rebounder and a player who is all over the court. The loss of these players was obvious.

However I have said before that this team is a total team. Any one player can have a great night and carry the load, but usually everyone makes their contribution to the team. Other teams can not key on any one player.The fact that three big players were missing and still the team played so well proves how balanced this team is.

As the game began, both teams started out a bit tight. Hanover played real tough defense and D.V. was uncharacteristically forced to shoot from the outside. Thankfully, they were raining 3s. Our super sophomore and hot shooter Isaiah Berrios hit three 3s. The team total for 3s was five in the period. D.V. also had some passing problems, but in spite of this they managed a 17-13 first period lead.

However, in the second period Hanover started hitting the 3s also and this was turning into a game of 3 point shots, as Hanover hit 4 in the second period while D.V. got one. With the score tied, Ronnie McManus stole the ball with 4 seconds on the clock and hit just as the buzzer sounded.

D.V. now has a slim lead of 32-30 at the end of the half.

The 3rd period was a nerve racking time. Hanover is still clicking and got four three point shots to D.Vs. 3 three point shots. The game was nip and tuck until, with 1:30 left, D.V. fell apart. There were terrible passes, throwing the ball away and D.V fell behind by four. Now the Hanover faithful were going nuts, as they were in the lead at 49-45. It was looking bleak. Hanover was hot and D.V. had really cooled off. All the locals were nervous.

In the final period D.V. was still rattled. They were missing shots while Hanover was rebounding and scoring.

Then suddenly D.V. woke up. Pride kicked in. They hit a couple 3s and started rebounding and scoring. They pulled ahead and now the D.V. fans are going ballistic. I have to say, they are fun to hear and watch. So eventually, with time running out and D.V. in the lead Hanover had to start fouling. D.V., now being very alive, was killing it at the foul line. At the very end, D.V. being up by ten and having victory well in hand, they started killing the clock. Hanover got one last meaningless score, but D.V. pulled out the win at 65-57.

Top scorers were Jake Brower with 25 and Isaiah Berrios with 21. Ronnie McManus, who is always a major player, scored 9. Ronnie and Jake are seniors this year, while Isaiah is a sophomore. Tommy Parker had his usual fine and steady game and, as usual, I have to say it was as always a total team effort.

Missing 3 big players and still winning a hard fought victory against a tough and determined team like Hanover is a real testament to the quality and gutsiness of the players on this team.