DV girls’ basketball season wraps up

Milford. A look at how the team fared overall.

| 20 Mar 2024 | 04:23

The Delaware Valley girls’ basketball season has come to an end. Let’s look at how the players fared this season. Junior Ciara Newton proved to be tough as nails. She is a great defender, ball handler, and rebounder who also does her share of scoring. She, along with Krystina Orby and Amanda Aragona, make a great trio.

Sophomore Krystina Orby is tough and an all-around talented player. When she and the other two are on the court, I sit up and don’t miss a second of their playing time. Amanda Aragona is the team’s super freshman who plays like a seasoned pro. She will anchor this team for three more years. We are so lucky to have her.

Everyone plays well, but some other standouts include junior Carrigan McCormick, sophomore Jordan Dickerson, sophomore Leah Bird, freshman Cecelia Dickerson, sophomore Brianna Waldron, junior Keira Lazzaro, freshman Paris Machado, and sophomore Riley Newton. All of these girls are integral to the team and play overall great games. Junior Rainna Carr is also an absolute powerhouse under the boards. She is unstoppable at scoring and rebounding.

Have you noticed how many underclassmen are listed here? Yep the next couple of seasons should be stellar seasons for the DV girls. The JV girls who will be coming up will also make mighty contributions to the future of Delaware Valley girls basketball.

I really look forward to covering them and watching them play.