DV men’s swimming wins PIAA District AAA Championship

Milford. The swim team previously won at the Leslie Richards Invitational Meet.

| 13 Mar 2024 | 05:24

The Delaware Valley Swim and Dive team attended the multiday 2024 PIAA AAA Swim and Dive District Sub-Regional Championship meet earlier this month to finish out the season. The men’s swim team swam away with the AAA District Championship. They were undefeated for the 2023-24 season.

Swimmers must qualify during the season to attend the Championship meet. Prior to the first event, the seniors were honored as this would be their final meet of their high school career. Senior qualifiers from Delaware Valley were Anya Fitzgerald, Sadie Fuchs, JoAnn Jagger, Anaya Ruiz, Alexander Corcoran, Erik Fass, Doug Jacobs, Logan Lee, Matthew O’Connell, Christian Perunsky, and Brody Smith. Seniors Anaya Ruiz and JoAnn Jagger medaled in all four of their events. Juniors Joey Kessler and Liam Fass did the same. Ryan O’Connell, a freshman, cannot be overlooked as he medaled in all four of his events as well.

Swimmers who placed in the top 12 were awarded points. Those who placed in the top six were awarded medals for their achievements.

200-Yard Medley Relay

Women’s: Maya Sussman, Anaya Ruiz, JoAnn Jagger, and Olivia Cruz placed second with a time of 2:00.63.

Men’s: Liam Fass, Doug Jacobs, Shane Naturale, and Joey Kessler place second with a time of 1:45.73.

200-Yard Freestyle

Women’s: Eva Bogusta, 10th; Michelle Zakarova, 11th.

Men’s: Tyler Ingraham, third place, time 1:52.20; Dean Finelli, seventh; Christian Perunsky, 10th.

200-Yard Individual Medley

Women’s: Anaya Ruiz, second place, time 2:26.58; Maya Sussman, fifth, time of 2:39.38; Chloe Cruz, 11th.

Men’s: Ryan O’Connell, fourth, time 2:13.33; Erik Fass, eighth; Liam Leonowicz, 11th.

50-Yard Freestyle

Women’s: Payton Yakupcin, fifth, time of 27.42; Olivia Cruz, eighth.

Men’s: Alexander Corcoran, fourth, time 23.43; Joey Kessler, fifth, time 23.50; Matthew O’Connell, sixth, time 24.08; Douglas Jacobs, 12th.

Women’s 1-meter diving

Jessica Wilson fifth, scoring 356.35; and Etain Starr, eighth, scoring 317.70.

100-Yard Butterfly

Women’s: JoAnn Jagger, second, time 1:04.79; Elizabeth Bailey, 11th.

Men’s: Shane Naturale, fifth, time 59.36; Matthew O’Connell, sixth, time 1:01.85; Liam Leonowicz, seventh; John Calabria, eighth.

100-Yard Freestyle

Women’s: JoAnn Jagger, fifth place tie, 1:00.21; Payton Yakupcin, eighth; Eva Bogusta, 10th.

Men’s: Ryan O’Connell, third, time 50.97; Joey Kessler, fifth, time 52.55; Dean Finelli, sixth, time 52.59; Alexander Corcoran, eighth.

500-Yard Freestyle

Women’s: Anaya Ruiz, third, time 5:51.59; Michelle Zakharova, fifth, time 6:14.50; Elizabeth Bailey, 11th.

Men’s: Tyler Ingraham, second, time 5:09.42; Liam Fass, third, time 5:09.49; Christian Perunsky, 9th.

200-Yard Freestyle Relay

Women’s: JoAnn Jagger, Payton Yakupcin, Olivia Cruz and Anaya Ruiz, third place, time 1:47.95.

Men’s: Ryan O’Connell, Joey Kessler, Dean Finelli and Alex Corcoran, third place, time 1:31.76.

100-Yard Backstroke

Women’s: Maya Sussman, seventh; Chloe Cruz, 11th; Riley Hunt, 12th.

Men’s: Liam Fass, third, time 59.49; Shane Naturale, sixth, time 1:04.60; John Calbria, eighth.

100-Yard Breaststroke

Women’s: Olivia Cruz, fifth, time 1:17.61.

Men’s: Erik Fass, seventh; Doug Jacobs, eighth.

400-Yard Freestyle Relay

Women’s: Eva Bogusta, Michelle Zakharova, Riley Hunt and Payton Yakupcin placed third, time 4:08.68.

Men’s: Ryan O’Connell, Dean Finelli, Alexander Corcoran and Liam Fass placed second, time 3:25.16.

The team is looking forward to next year with the strong showings of the underclassmen. The seniors have set great examples in their hard work, dedication and leadership. They will be missed.