DV plays Wilkes-Barre for District 2-6A football championship

Milford. The championship game was a seesaw battle waged against a tireless Wilkes-Barre. Congratulations to both teams for fine seasons and for playing a tough game that left it all on the field. And congratulations to DV for their District 2 championship title.

| 13 Nov 2019 | 10:56

Delaware Valley played Wilkes-Barre for the District 2-6A football championship on Nov. 8.

Although DV defeated Wilkes-Barre, 54-20, in a regular season game in the fourth week, Wilkes-Barre showed up highly motivated, all pumped up, and ready to play.

It looked all for naught as DV scored 2 quick touchdowns in a total of 9 plays. It sure looked like it was going to be an easy breezy evening, as they were up 14-0.

Wilkes-Barre had other plans though, and -- just when it looked like D.V was on a roll -- was greatly assisted by a DV fumble on the 42nd yard line.

Wilkes-Barre, now infused with life, really started moving the ball. A beautiful pass play to the 20-yard line followed, then a run to the 14-yard line followed. There was a run to the 6-yard line at the start of the second quarter, and finally a TD pass.

DV took over but had to punt the ball away. Wilkes-Barre is now on fire. They complete a 45-yard pass then a 46-yard run. All of a sudden, we have a ball game all tied up at 14 each.

The next set of downs DV fumbled again, but this time the defense held. DV took over, and with 2 big runs by Preston Machado, DV is back on top, 20-14. The 2-point conversion is just short.

Now DV gets the benefit of a Wilkes-Barre turnover as they intercept a W-B pass attempt. There is not much time left in the half, but DV looks to be back in command with 2 nice passes. Then there's an incomplete, followed by a pass and run to the 12-yard line. It appears that time had run out, but one second is put back on the clock. DV gives it a shot with a pass, but the play fails, and the half ends with DV up 20-14.

Another interception

The second half starts out pretty much a seesaw battle, but DV gains control again due to another interception that they return to the 40-yard line. DV is now moving the chains again, but a penalty seems like it might derail them. However, with a fourth down and 2 yards to go, they go for it and run the ball to the 28-yard line. Now they complete a pass to the 11, and then a Machado run to the 5. After a run that has no gain, they pass to Jason Henderson for the TD. Again, the 2-point conversion fails, so the score is 26-14 with DV back looking to be in command.

Each time DV looks like it has the game under control, Wilkes-Barre just refuses to give in.

After a penalty and then a sack W-B finds itself with a fourth down and 21 yards for a first down. Yet they complete a pass and score the TD, making the score 26-21.

Now DV is in a dog fight. What follows is a combination of runs and pass competitions cemented by a Machado 5-yard run for the TD. But, again, the 2-point conversion failed, leaving the score at 32-21. As it turned out, this would be the end of all scoring. From this point forward, neither team could sustain enough momentum to get into the end zone.

Penalties, false starts, snaps over the kicker's head, incompletions, and sacks prevent future scoring. But DV hung on for the 32-21 victory and a District 2-6A title.

Congratulations to both teams for fine seasons and for playing a tough game that left it all on the field. And congratulations to DV for their District 2 championship title.

Next up will be a very tough State College. Good luck DV!