DV’s JV walked away with 26-19 victory over Western Wayne

| 23 Feb 2023 | 09:18

Delaware Valley Junior Varsity girls’ basketball team came out victorious in a thrilling match against Western Wayne, a team located just east of Scranton. The game took place on Thursday, Jan 19, and it was a game that will be remembered for a long time.

Things started off looking rough for Delaware Valley as Western Wayne scored well and Delaware Valley had trouble finding the basket. But, the team managed to tighten things up near the end of the first period, and with very little time left on the clock, Lauren Donelly took a desperation shot from the 3-point range that ended up being a perfect shot, putting D.V. up 7-6.

In the second period, Christina Orby displayed her skills as a ball-handler and a thief, while Rainna Carr took over as the team’s star rebounder and shot-blocker. This combination led to a 13-7 halftime lead, and W.W. was only able to manage one foul shot in the second period.

However, in the third period, Delaware Valley suffered from sloppy play, and W.W. took advantage, pulling ahead 19-18. The drama continued in the fourth period as Orby’s ball-handling and stealing the ball disrupted W.W.’s rhythm, while Carr controlled the boards. The two of them teamed up well, with Orby feeding Carr for pretty scores. Leah Bird also played a stellar game.

Delaware Valley took a five-point lead with only a few minutes left on the clock, and they employed the typical clock-killing tactic, which served them well.

However, with about 1.23 minutes left, it was noticed that the clock had failed and was not keeping time. A lively debate ensued about how much time should be left on the clock. The officials insisted that they could not take a wild guess, so the game went on with the time showing on the clock.

It didn’t matter, as Delaware Valley scored when Orby was intentionally fouled, and she made both ends of a 1 and 1, putting D.V. up by 7. The game ended with a 26-19 victory for Delaware Valley.

It was a thrilling game to watch, with Lauren Donelly’s perfect shot, Christina Orby’s ball-handling and stealing, Rainna Carr’s control of the boards, and Leah Bird’s stellar game.

Delaware Valley can be proud of their performance in this game.