Looking back at the DV boys’ JV basketball season

Milford. They lost some, they won some, and they are going to be even better next season.

| 20 Mar 2024 | 03:08

It’s time to give my Delaware Valley boys’ JV basketball wrap-up. First off, this JV team was very good. They made short work of most teams in very convincing fashion. Every player made important contributions to this team. Although some excelled slightly in one area over others, they all controlled the ball well, all rebounded well, all played defense well and all had good court savvy.

It is hard to pick out anyone player, or a few for that matter, but here it goes. First off is the Dabney twins, Drew and James. Both are about 6’1” as of this writing. These boys have potential that will only be determined by how hard that they work on their skill on the off season. As is it they are already skilled and the sky is the limit for them. And yes, they are only freshmen.

Ben Ioffe is also skilled and seems to have grown several inches over the season. This sophomore has the potential to be a future dominant center. Freshman Sam Wood is potential blessed, and even made major contributions when playing in varsity games. Sophomore Justin Estevez is fearless, played great defense, and got more than his share of rebounds. He is a solid guy and uses that to his advantage. Nobody pushes him around.

Alex Calvario is another with monster potential. He is a freshman who gets his share of varsity play and makes his presence known every time. The same goes with Jack Greening. He is definitely a part of Delaware Valley’s future. Sophomore Noah Berrios, brother to Isiah Berrios, will step right in to fill his brother’s void when he graduates next year. Jaxon Barbilach, already at 6’1”, is a steady player who has a great varsity future. If I missed anyone please forgive me. Contact the paper so I can mention you.

Here is the future problem for the coaching staff. With so much varsity talent returning and so much JV talent coming up, the question is this, who do you play? The options are limitless.