The new kid on the block

| 29 Sep 2011 | 08:17

WESTFALL - It may be the continent’s oldest sport, but lacrosse is in its first year at Delaware Valley. The new girls’ lacrosse team will be competing against the Orange County League where they will play a.rigorous 13-game schedule. With only four seniors, the team is as young as it is new. Though there were lacrosse intramurals last year, the majority of the team has little or no experience with the sport. However, Coach Bernadine Salak is neither new to lacrosse nor coaching itself. She was a four year all-conference player for her college team at Cedar Crest and has coaching experience. Although it is premature to highlight any strong players in particular, Salak said that the team’s strengths include their great attitude, ability to work hard, and eagerness to learn the game- overall a “great group of girls.” Starting off with basic skills, the team’s five day per week practices have turned into structuring offense and defense. Conditioning and skill work also play a large role in the practices. Salak said the team needs to work on catching the ball, since “that’s what 90 percent of the game is.” Delaware Valley senior Katie Caldwell agreed that catching and passing are areas the team needs more work on, as well as learning effective communication on the field. Salak asserted that her goal for the team this year is to “be competitive and get some wins.” The outlook on the season as whole is hopeful, “I am always optimistic,” commented Salak. Their first game is at 4:00 p.m., on April 7 at Warrior Stadium. Be sure to check with The Courier for coverage of the girls’ games as well as the rest of the spring sports.