Valley View Dominates Delaware Valley in Girls Basketball Matchup

| 23 Feb 2023 | 09:05

Milford, PA - It was a tough outing for the Delaware Valley girls basketball team as they faced off against a superior Valley View team on Monday evening, January 30th. The final score of 43-7 tells the story of the lopsided game.

Despite Delaware Valley’s best efforts, they struggled with ball control throughout the game, losing possession on nearly every play. As a result, they were unable to take many shots and struggled to make the ones they did attempt.

Valley View, on the other hand, was a team firing on all cylinders. Their excellent defense and rebounding, combined with high percentage shooting, made for a dominant performance.

Kristina Orby led the way for Valley View with two baskets, while L Bird and #42 each added a bucket of their own.

For Delaware Valley, the game served as a learning experience. While the loss was a tough pill to swallow, they can take solace in the fact that they left everything on the court.