Warriors' record goes to 8-1

| 29 Sep 2011 | 09:57

WESTFALL - Once again, the Warriors controlled both sides of the action as they played at home against North Pocono on Oct. 27. The Delaware Valley offense overwhelmed North Pocono’s defense. The Warriors had 397 offensive yards. Kenny Domzalski had 209 yards rushing and three touchdowns. Domzalski said, “The offense was great tonight. In the 1st half we were a little confused with the defensive alignment. But in the second half we came out and adjusted to it.” Josh Navistky threw for 104 yards and two touchdowns. Billy Scheuer had one receiving touchdown, and so did Tony Whitty. Also sophomore running back Hank Neurouter had one rushing touchdown for 79 yards. Neurouter said, “In the beginning we were not running so well, and the offensive line was ok. The in the second half they came out and did their thing.” The offensive line did a great job of blocking for the team. Junior offensive lineman, Ben Webb, said, “We worked well as a team tonight, as a whole. Kenny Domzalski followed our blocks tonight and Tony blew up the holes.” The Warriors also shutdown North Pocono on defense. They held North Pocono to 135 total offensive yards. Ian Sumner was a major factor on defense along with Johnny Hearon. Hearon had an interception for a touchdown return. Sumner said, “The defense came out ready to play. We wanted another shutout and we tried really hard to get it.” Johnny Hearon also said, “I am very proud of the defense. We made big plays when it came down to it. Also our secondary was a major factor on defense. They stuck with the receivers. We had two picks and the defensive line did not give up many yards.” The Warriors gave up only seven first downs and 30 passing yards in the whole game. Head coach Keith Olsommer said, “I am very happy with the defense tonight. Ian Sumner really impressed me. His leadership was the key to our success.” He added, “Yeah, I am really proud off the overall team’s performance tonight. Anytime you can win a big game its great. And it gives us a chance at the playoffs.” The Warriors won, 49-7. Their record is now 8-1. “We keep getting better each week and that’s what makes me happy,” Olsommer said. The Warriors play their last game of the regular season at home tonight against West Scranton.