St. Patrick's will be ready for dedication

| 29 Sep 2011 | 09:35

Father Gerald Mullally stands before the towering stained glass window lighting the pulpit in the new St. Patrick’s Church. Last weekend, the $3.5 million church had no pews, no pulpit, no organ, no baptistry, and lots of open electrical junction boxes. Still, the completed church will be dedicated on Oct. 15. “The bishop is coming and it will be finished,” Mullally emphasized. Growing with the area, St. Patrick’s will seat up to 600, provide handicap access, chairs for those who can’t use pews, and seats with headsets for the hard of hearing. The church is wired for computer and closed circuit, live video. “It’s all on a laptop computer, but it’s not complicated. I have to run it,” he said. (Photo by David Hulse)