Tax panel appointed

| 29 Sep 2011 | 09:31

    WESTFALL - School district officials last Thursday named nine volunteer commissioners and four alternates to look at ways to move the funding of education at Delaware Valley away from property taxes. The alternatives could be either an earned income or a personal income tax and neither alternative is favored by the district board of education. The commission may also make no recommendation for change. However, state law mandates that voters decide the issue at next May’s primary elections. The new commission includes Anthony Cappellini, Diane French, Michael Rochacewicz, Susan Schor, Jason Schultz, Christine Sellers, Mark Sullivan, Jeffrey White and Peter Wulfhorst. Commission alternates named are John Kupillas, Chuck Pike, Mark Heiblim and James Mooney. Board President Sue Casey said the district received applications from 17 “very qualified” people, and narrowed the field with demographic qualifiers including age, financial positions and places of residence. She expressed disappointment that no renters came forward to serve. Renters could be among those most impacted by a shift from property taxes. Two of the alternates, Chuck Pike and James Mooney, are recent former board of education members. The board might have selected one of its sitting members to serve, but chose not to do so, she said. French and Schor were on hand for the appointments and both said they were eager to be involved. “I want to be a part of this from the ground up and see what’s going on,” said French, who plans to become a teacher. Schor, a realtor, said she wanted to learn about the tax structure and see if a change would be a help or a burden for the county’s residents.