The odyssey was elementary

| 29 Sep 2011 | 08:21

WESTFALL - Three teams from Delaware Valley Elementary School competed in the Northeast PA Odyssey of the Mind competition on March 4. The seven member teams have been preparing since November to compete among 55 area teams, ranging from primary school to high school age groups. Odyssey of the Mind is an internationally-organized “after school” activity that challenges students to develop highly creative solutions to complex problems. Their solutions, entirely designed and performed by the students, are presented at Regional, State and World competitions. The DVES teams that recently competed at the Regional level included the Tech Transfer Team built and operated a technical “crane” device that extends to move team-created items. Their performance, which placed first in their division and problem category, was based around a retro car wash from the 1970’s. Team members, coached by Bonnie Zaruba, and Terry Fitzsimmons, are (left to right) bottom row: Natalie Rosen, Kailey McCooey, Christian Zaruba; top row: Erin Corry, Martin Strenk, Cody Fitzsimmons and Josiah DeVizia. The Great Parade Team built and drove a vehicle that was used as three different floats in a parade. Their performance, which place second in their elementary school division and problem category, explored “quirky questions and wacky facts about life.” Team members are John VanVynck, Dana Hunt, Emily Belsterling, Brigitta Beck; Coach Michael Hunt, Elijah Collins, Luke Reixinger, Dylan Brown and Coach Patrick Beck. The Jungle Bloke team created and presented a performance, which included an original song and dance, about a “Bloke” who is a person that has the ability to talk with and understand animals from a jungle. Their performance, which placed fourth in their division and problem category, depicted the animals of the Amazon River Basin. Team members, were coached by Michael and Carly Workstel, with assistance from Sherry Abeson, and included Andrea Kelleher - Anaconda, Laura Fuchylo - Jaquar, Aliya Gobin - Owl Butterfly, Rachel Workstel Hoatzin, Shay Abeson - Maccaw, Zoe Workstel - The Bloke and Lauren Madsen - Golden Lion Marmoset.