They're planning on a cold night

| 29 Sep 2011 | 07:59

    MILFORD - With his knit hat pulled down low and his collar raised up high, Robert Fish navigated the dark and sometimes icy streets of Milford on foot Monday evening. The weekend storm had gone, leaving a central casting version of a windy January night, which most people had decided looked better from indoors. But that was not for Robert Fish. What mission would bring a man retired some 20-years past out on nasty night like this? Robert Fish is the vice-chairman of Milford Borough Planning Commission and he was on his way to a timely arrival at the commission’s monthly meeting. His attendance was especially important, because the commission is already short one of its five members, with the December resignation of its former Chair, Carol Ann Sklar. Like other volunteer organizations, the planning commission doesn’t have people pounding on the door to join. Why would they want to? There isn’t the firefighter’s thrill of sirens and action. The job is often thankless and largely anonymous unless a controversial project comes before them, and then advocates are ready to debate. Their work is advisory, doing a lot of the leg-work for the borough council. They look at projects and plans, permits and proposed ordinances. If you have a flood prone property, a neighbor doing something on a substandard lot or someone looking to change the use of the house next door, you need to be concerned about what they’re up to. Newly elected Chair Ed Raarup says putting the time in is, “a way to show genuine concern for the community we all live in.” “Some people need to consider putting more into the community than they take out, and this is a way of doing it,” said Member Peter Rushton. Those interested in serving can inquire at the Borough Office or call 570-296-7140.