Township aid wins library's appreciation

| 28 Sep 2011 | 02:59

    DINGMAN TOWNSHIP - Library officials expressed their gratitude to Dingman officials for their assistance at the township branch library. Ellen Shaffner, Assistant Director of the Pike County Library System was on hand at the bi-monthly township meeting with a presentation and a sincere thank you to Dingman Township Board of Supervisors. She was accompanied by Sally Beecher an Associate Director on the Library Board. Shaffner thanked the board for the improvements to the drive thru in the parking lot of the library branch on Log Tavern Road, which should be completed by the end of November. She also thanked them for help in restoring internet service. The former provider of the ISD Line could no longer provide service to the the library. Getting new service using Blue Ridge Cable was not affordable, she said. Blue Ridge Cable does not have a spur line that comes down that portion of the road and is not able to provide internet service to either the library or the Fire Department. There would have to be new power poles installed and relocation of both Metropolitan Edison and Verizon lines, with a cost of $50,000. Relocation of the power lines alone was estimated at $27,000. They opted instead for a T1 Line to be provided by Pen Tele Data and projected installation by Verizon within the next month. This too is expensive at $1000 a month, but necessary to provide high quality and hi speed internet service to the branch. Shaffner explained, “There are many people, from children to senior citizens, that do not have computers at home, that use the computers at the library. Also many township residents first learn how to use a computer at the library because there is qualified and knowledgeable staff to assist them in the learning process.” Board members said that the public utilities are expected to step up to the plate to provide what is necessary as part of their obligations to the community and that the utilities would have borne more of the expense to provide needed service to the community which they serve and which supports them. On another issue, there was an application by resident, Leo Boisvert requesting approval to put in a second water supply well on his property. The board approved this application with the stipulation that if the second well provides enough water that the original well be filled in within two years.