Township is unwaivering

| 29 Sep 2011 | 08:46

    DINGMAN - Co-owner Bob Ramagosa will file a new application for plans to add an 82 acre, 49 home addition to his 850-home subdivision at Sunrise Lake. Ramagosa’s plans changed when the Dingman Planning Commission recently denied his request for zoning waivers. He had hoped to win these during a 90-day extension of his conditional use zoning application. “I need to get some questions answered so that I can have better direction as to where I can go with my proposal,” Ramagosa told planners on May 24. Ramagosa had met earlier with Mike Weeks, township engineer, regarding his need to provide an adequate and reliable water source for fire fighting. Ramagosa told the members of the planning commission that he has a small lake with a dry hydrant and a new paved roadway leading to it. “Spring Lake is 20 acres and has more than enough water to handle any fire emergency. It is much better than a separate water tank,” Ramagosa insisted. “Do I need a water tank also?” The existing water supply is 3,000 to 4,000 feet away from the last house. Township Solicitor John Klemeyer answered in no uncertain terms, “It doesn’t matter if the Atlantic Ocean was at the end you still need a water source every 2,000 feet as the ordinance requires.” Ramagosa also sought a waiver allowing him to extend the length of his blocks between road intersections 800 feet beyond the township maximum of 1,200 feet. Seeking clarification, he said he wasn’t sure if the ordinance “was gospel” or just a guide line. Klemeyer told him, ”It says what it says. You had the opportunity to apply for a waiver several months ago and you chose not to.” Since the extensions will not lead to the waivers he sought, Ramagosa decided to re-file his application.