Township to simplify

| 28 Sep 2011 | 03:00

    DINGMAN TOWNSHIP - Building contractors in the township need to comply with strict codes. “This is a tough township regarding code regulations and we have been working on streamlining the process so that the time from start to finish for builders is reasonable,” said Tom Mincer, Board of Supervisors chair. To that end the board earlier this month approved the purchase of 100 on-site “plan boxes” at a cost of $35 to $37 each. The weather-proof plan boxes will allow contractors to leave site and construction plans outside for zoning officers, which will ease the code enforcement officers job in locating the plans when they are doing on site inspections. Mincer said, “There has to be a partnership between the township and the builders and when that works correctly everything will work out and the structures will be built correctly. The contractors want to build and make a living and the prospective homeowners want to get in to their houses but we cannot skip any steps. Things have to be done right. The people buying the houses are our residents and our neighbors that live here with us and they expect us to protect them.”