A rose by any other name

| 28 Sep 2011 | 03:01

    To the Editor: As one who formerly toiled in advertising, I can’t help remark on the creative possibilities arising from our current situation in Pike County. For example, to the people who removed the ridge behind the Santos farm here in Milford Township, I’d like to propose the name Missing Mountain Estates. To those who have an aesthetic sense for appreciating the prismatic effects of oil on water, I suggest Asphalt Acres. For the No-Trees-Left-Behind crowd, how about Clearcut Circle, or Streetlight Vistas, Erstwhile Woods, Once-Was Woodlands, Twenty-nine Grates or Catchbasin Drive? Something smaller? Try Tyvek Trails, Ditchbridge Homes, Glare Glen or The Concrete Copse. Lucky enough to be on the water? How about Concrete Shores Lakefronts, or Cement Landing on the Delaware? Perhaps the crowning achievement of this effort is the most powerful and salient: A huge opening in the surrounding forest, filled with cheek-by-jowl McMansions. We call it The Cicatrix. Get my meaning? Tony Splendora Milford