About the bridge

| 29 Sep 2011 | 10:24

    To the editor: At a meeting held on November 8, PennDOT officials reported that they will begin repairs on the Pond Eddy Bridge and have downgraded the weight limit of the structure’s current capacity of eight tons to four tons. PennDOT stated that the lower weight limit will be in effect only until the emergency repairs are completed and that the emergency repair work will last for only 15 days. It would be interesting to know why PennDOT has waited so long to initiate any maintenance projects on the bridge; and why, if PennDOT states that the bridge is not beyond repair, they do not advocate for a total renovation rather than wasting taxpayer money to replace it. In addition, a full restoration will preserve an historic and tourisism resource on our scenic and recreational river. Daria Dorosh Barryville, N.Y.