Animal rights terrorists are targeting NJ

| 28 Sep 2011 | 03:04

    To the editor: The Ted Nugent United Sportsmen of America offices received word that a militant animal rights organization calling themselves W.A.R. (Win Animal Rights) is planning an operation called “Operation Take Back The Woods” to sabotage law abiding families taking part in this year’s bear hunt. As you know, in 2003 young adults were prohibited to hunt because of threats made against them from animal rights groups and state officials feared for their safety. The group has a website which admits wholeheartedly of their plans and says they well be conducting “sorties” in Pennsylvania prior to New Jersey’s hunt to train for the operation. Activists — or more fittingly terrorists — are pictured on this website with full black hoods “rescuing” animals. If you come in contact with these individuals the best thing to do is call authorities right away. The group will try to do everything they can to create an “incident” which they can label “brutality” by hunters in the woods. It happened during the 2003 bear hunt. Activists started a rumor after one person allegedly heard “firecrackers” in the distance and began a fabricated story of hunters scaring “bear families” out of their dens. The truth is bears go into their dens and give birth well after hunting season, and no one ever really witnessed this behavior but the media ran with it anyway. My best wishes to all who hunt this year and may your days afield be safe and happy, just remember to be alert for anything suspicious. If you don’t believe me you can visit W.A.R. Eric Bunk Ted Nugent United Sportsmen of America West Milford