Another Sunrise view

| 29 Sep 2011 | 08:23

    To the editor: This is a different view of what is happening in Sunrise Lake community. I moved here in June of 2001, before the big city exit began. I have lived in Vermont for 15 years & NJ for over 17 years. I add this information so you will understand I have lived in the city and country.We bought in Sunrise, because there were no gates to stop people from coming to our home. There are plenty of gated communities in the area the couple from Fishkill could have moved to if they wanted a more city like controlled situation. Most of the families here have children from one year-olds to teens. When we first moved into Sunrise the area we moved to (up until then) had no houses but a very nice loop road that the local teens had found was a very nice race track. The way I learned to deal with this in Vermont was to not call the state police, but to get out into the area and talk to the parties involved with the problem. In all of the discussions with mostly quad bike riders, we all came to a good solution of having no problem with them running past our area to get to the woods for riding. But the NASCAR track was closed. They all understand that now there were little kids living here. Most of them have little brothers and sisters. I only had to go to one parent to get my point across. I have a teenage son, he has been brought up to respect other people’s property and space. Yes, we get many people passing thru Sunrise going to Gold Key. Many of the teenagers hanging around our pool area come from Gold Key. While we are not the wild, wild west, there is some freedoms here that are not in New Jersey or NewYork City environments. Bob and Bill Ramagosa have had to publish that “quad bikes” are not allowed on community roads just to keep from getting into legal action if a quad bike has an accident. If you want to pay $1,500 to $3,000 a year for full security, restrictions on how big and what color you can paint your dog house, there are plenty of communities in this county you can move to and be happy. Adding more security is not the answer. Walk out your door, (in a friendly manner), meet the people you see as a problem and talk to them. Bottom line, get to know your neighbors. Charles Roberts Sunrise Lake