Backing Carney

| 29 Sep 2011 | 09:47

    To the editor: I have been a life member of the National Rifle Association for twenty-eight years and a hunter for nearly forty. On Election Day, the NRA wants me to vote for Congressman Don Sherwood. But I just can’t. While Don Sherwood was engaged in shameful non-government affairs in Washington, Chris Carney served his country with honor after 9/11 as a Lt. Commander in the Naval Reserves. As Don Sherwood consulted with his defense attorneys and dodged questions from the media, Chris Carney was helping to keep America secure as a Middle East counter-terrorism adviser to the Pentagon. When it comes to firearms expertise, Chris Carney stands in no one’s shadow, including Don Sherwood. Chris didn’t become a weapons instructor for the Dept. of Defense National Intelligence Support Team because he hates guns. Much to my dismay, the NRA wants gun owners like me to believe Don Sherwood is our friend. Well, I choose my friends carefully. That’s why this sportsman will proudly vote for Chris Carney on Nov. 7. I have a feeling I will not be alone. Ed Zygmunt Laceyville