Build a Stronger Family with Winter Family Times

| 28 Sep 2011 | 03:07

    To the editor: Strong, healthy families don’t just happen. It takes planning and work by each member. One of the most effective ways to build a strong family is to spend time and do things together. Pike County Cooperative Extension is offering parents with children age’s two to eight, a 16-page publication called Family Times - Winter, which provides winter activities for families to enjoy together. Two-parent as well as single-parent families can grow stronger but it takes a great deal of commitment and time to participate in activities. The Family Time series is divided into age groups of two-three, four-six and seven-eight. Each age group has activities suitable for winter time. The enjoyable moments spent doing Family Time will become the happy memories of tomorrow. To receive this publication, contact the Pike County Cooperative Extension office by phone at (570) 296-3400, by e-mail at or by fax at (570) 296-3406. Also, plan on visiting the Pike County Cooperative Extension website, for information on a variety of other topics. Jean Cyrlin Pike County Cooperative Extension Milford