What business do you think will thrive in Pike County?

| 02 Apr 2015 | 04:04

By Allison Falcaro
Aja Young, Milford: "A YMCA with a pool and workout rooms, and even event spaces to rent out would do great."

Corinne Nestor, Matmaoras: "For the longest time, I thought we could use a graphic store that does graphic vinyl and custom clothing, and now we have one in Matamoras."

Dana Laux, Dingmans Ferry: "An AC Moore or a Kohl's."

Dani Read, Dingmans Ferry: "Kohl's."

Danielle Schatteman, Shohola: "DSW."

Danny Gonzalez, Milford: "Personally I'd like to see a nicer chain restaurant like a Dave & Buster's, but realistically a Kohl's would best thrive in Pike County I think."