What is your source of news?

| 02 Jul 2015 | 08:49

By Allison Falcaro
Amanda Raser, Dingmans Ferry: "I still like to open a newspaper with my own two hands."

Autumn Kinkade, Milford: "I receive most news through word of mouth or through social media and then I do my own 'digging' if I'm still intrigued."

Brittany Nestor, Dingmans Ferry: "I get most of 'news' from word of mouth. I'll have people I'm with in the same room mention what's going on here or somewhere else and help keep me updated."

Bryant Finnegan, Dingmans Ferry: "I mostly go on social media. It's the fastest way to find out what's going on and the most convenient for me and my lifestyle."

Jeremy Engel, Milford: "I tend to watch the news more than anything."

Kevin Waldron, Dingmans Ferry: "Even between radio and social media, I'd say."