What's your favorite winter car hack?

| 12 Mar 2015 | 03:34

By Allison Falcaro
Carl Will, Shohola: "Put a garbage bag on your windshield before a snow or ice storm. No ice build-up in the morning to clean off."

Catherine Horner, Milford: "Don't use a snow shovel as an ice scraper."

Dan Salinas, Dingmans Ferry: "After taking off wet shoes and boots, stuff them with newspaper to absorb moisture quickly."

Greg Giliberti, Milford: "Snow tires, all weathers."

Katie Homer, Dingmans Ferry: "Never use hot water to melt the ice off your car."

Matt Devine, Dingmans Ferry: "Sell your car before the winter. That way you have extra money and you don't have to drive in the bad weather."