Concrete opposition

| 29 Sep 2011 | 09:08

    To the editor: In a recent issue of the Courier a short article reported on regional opposition to the proposed 200 mile power line. The article presents the NYRI Inc position in concrete ways, but fails to recognize: 1) the breadth and depth of the opposition to the high voltage power line, and 2) the well defined reasons to oppose the project. First, the opposition is 99% unanimous among the people who live, work, and vacation along the Delaware Valley. It is not just “forty farmers, lawyers, teachers, and others.” A few thousand have already signed resolution-petition forms to oppose the power line. The grass roots opposition is large, organized, and growing. The official opposition is similarly united - state and federal elected officials, county and township governments, and many organizations such as river council, chambers of commerce, planning boards, environmental groups, art alliances, fishing organizations Second, the reasons for opposing the project are several and specific: a reduction in property values; the threat of eminent domain seizure of property; a loss of tourism; safety concerns from the weakening of rail beds as a consequence of construction along the railway right-of-way; harmful health effects from electromagnetic fields, especially for children, people with weakened immune systems, and migrating birds; despoiling the scenic value of the Valley by the 120-foot towers, the strung wires, and the 200-mile long, 150-foot wide swath of naked land; threats to ecologically sensitive areas such as wetlands and bird nesting sites; conflict with archeological and historic sites. I hope this letter adds some of the needed balance in reporting on this issue. Mort Malkin Milanville, Pa