David Madeira must be our next State Senator!

| 29 Sep 2011 | 08:33

    To the editor: In my present capacity as County Commissioner I am continually confronted with the resultant actions of our state legislators and the consequential impacts upon our local county government. For the future success of Pike County , it is mandatory that we elect leaders that comprehend our distinctive local issues. It is imperative that we elect intelligent, dedicated, principled individuals that are truly committed to public service, not their own personal service, to represent us in Harrisburg. We need individuals that possess sound conservative business experience that are capable of making complex and difficult financial decisions. After all, state government today is big business. It is your money that is being spent! As an independent businessman, Dave Madeira exhibits all of these personal attributes and is willing to apply these talents to bring the expansion of state government under control. He is committed to finally slaying the ever consuming monster of local property taxes without neglecting adequate funding for quality education. As a husband and father of five children, Dave’s commitment to family and family issues remains a foundational platform of his campaign. Dave’s moral integrity is exemplary and unassailable. Dave will not fear confronting challenging social issues to represent and protect the long established values of his constituents in this area. Dave is highly capable of analyzing the facts before him and subsequently making correct, practical, realistic decisions to the betterment of all involved. Dave will be a State Senator who says what he means, and means what he says. He will not do a rug dance around people to avoid difficult problems. Pike County ’s future requires the election of an independent “no-nonsense” State Senator who will take back control of our state government. To protect my family’s future and the future of our County, I am wholeheartedly supporting and endorsing Dave Madeira as our next State Senator. Richard A. Caridi Pike County Commissioner