Defense of Sunrise

| 29 Sep 2011 | 08:23

    To the Editor: Sunrise Lakes is a nice community to raise a family. If you have a problem with noisy unruly kids, maybe the problem isn’t Mr. Ramagosa, but the parents of those rambunctious children. If you are not happy in Sunrise Lakes after 5 years, maybe it is time to move. I am surprised you haven’t run into noisy kids before. If you didn’t want to deal with kids, you should have moved to an Adult Only community. I agree with Mr. Ramagosa. We don’t pay a lot of dues and are happy. There are things that need fixing like the basketball hoops and the pot holes and I am sure Mr. Ramagosa will fix them now that you brought them to his attention. In my experience, he is a reasonable businessman. According to the Pennsylvania State Police, the only type of call they do not respond to inside a private community is a traffic violation. They respond to private communities for all other types of calls. If you were looking for security in a gated community with big pools and fancy chairs, you should have continued house hunting. Wild Acres, Hemlock Farms, Birchwood and Conashaugh Lakes all have gates with security that patrol and enforce the rules. Stop blaming everyone else for you unfortunate situation and move to a different community. Some of us are happy. Debbie Jack Sunrise Lake