Faster voting

| 29 Sep 2011 | 10:41

    To the editor: Too many voters were discouraged from voting in Blooming Grove Township because of long lines. The number of voters in this election was 1/3 less than what we can expect in a Presidential election. Why the long lines? Was it because Blooming Grove should have another voting place? Was it because each voter, unfamiliar with the new electronic machines, needed more time than usual to vote? Was it because there weren’t enough workers to staff the voting machines? Was it because only one person was checking everyone in at the beginning of the process and clearing the voting card needed for each voter? The Board of Elections, who are the County Commissioners, are responsible for ensuring that everyone has the opportunity to vote. Long lines discourage voters. I ask the Board of Elections to take a look at the problems that occurred in Blooming Grove on Election Day and develop a better way to accommodate people’s right to vote. Also, I understand that it may be possible to modify the electronic voting machines so that a “paper receipt” is printed for each voter to validate each and every vote. If so, I hope that Pike County is considering this option. Marian Keegan Lords Valley