| 29 Sep 2011 | 09:25

    Dear Editor, The foreign policy of this Republican administration is based on fuzzy intelligence and has made more enemies than allies. The price of fuel has shrunk household budgets. Speculation in markets is affecting workers’ purchasing power. Tax changes - such as those that reduce taxes for the wealthy - that were supposed to stimulate economic growth, have not. Fortunately, we have Governor Ed Rendell who knows how to create jobs and increase wages, improve educational opportunities, invest in meaningful ways to reduce dependence on foreign oil, and make health care available to children and seniors. Fortunately, Bob Casey has the support in Pennsylvania to replace Republican Rick Santorum, who has voted for Bush plans almost 100 percent. Casey wants accountability in the mismanaged war on terrorism. Did you know that Santorum’s plan to guarantee social security to those born before 1950 leave out the majority of boomers? Too many hard-earned retirement benefits will be lost because the Republicans siphoned the funds. Fortunately, Chris Carney, candidate for US House of Representatives, is a moral leader and knows first-hand about fighting wars, can talk about it, and ask the tough questions to get the real answers. Fortunately, John Siptroth is asking you to reelect him to the state House of Representatives. Siptroth will continue to bring needed services to his district in Pike and Monroe County. Fortunately, Bob McNamara is asking for your vote in the 20th Senate District in Pike, Wayne, Wyoming, Susquehanna, Monroe, and Luzerne counties. McNamara has a distinguished service record in the National Guard and public school administration. He is committed to accountability in government, tax relief and economic reinvestment. VOTE for these Democratic candidates on Nov. 7 and make the world a better place. Marian Keegan Elected to Democratic State Committee by Pike County Voters