Gala Event

| 28 Sep 2011 | 03:03

    To the Editor: For many seniors in the Delaware Valley School District the holiday season began on Friday, Nov. 4, at the thirteenth Annual Dingman-Delaware Middle School Dinner Theater. Seniors were welcomed into the school by carefully rehearsed, cordial and most respectful students and by Principal Joseph Caramanica, he of the amiable smile. As the seniors filled the school cafeteria to overflowing the students and teachers continuously refilled coffee and water glasses and concerned themselves to the comfort of their guests. By this time we seniors knew that we would once again get the VIP treatment that is a trademark of Principal Caramanica and everyone in his administration, especially the wonderful young students. The cheerful chefs and their assistants placed delicious meals, attractively arranged, on platters served by teachers and students. Superintendent Candis Finan poured coffee and tea and welcomed many of the seniors by name, jnquiring as to their health and well being. This year she paid special tribute to veterans for their tremendous sacrifices during war years in the cause of freedom for all. Dinner was followed by prizes donated by generous merchants, businesses, teachers, students, parents and grandparents of students. What a flow of generosity from the community! Then on to the auditorium and this year’s show “Ho, Ho, Robin Hood” presented by the Drama Club with the involvement of many teachers. This is a musical version of the story of this fictional hero. Seniors are familiar with the legend of Robin Hood. As per usual, the performance was a result of the hours of work and dedication of students, teachers, and parents. Particular mention must be made of the orchestration of the music that captures the spirit of the medieval time of dear Robin. We seniors thank everyone again for this unforgettable and most enjoyable and appreciated evening. As Assistant Principal James Mitchell said as the seniors were leaving, “Don’t forget. Come next year. We expect you at the same place and at the same time.” We all plan to be there!! Peggy Billadello Milford