Get a reasonable solution

| 29 Sep 2011 | 08:07

    To the editor: As Council President, I am writing this letter on behalf of Milford Borough residents, property owners, business proprietors, non-profit groups and persons who come to our town to work and too are impacted by any adverse economic changes to our municipality. Orange & Rockland and Pike County Light and Power Company extreme and shocking 73% electrical rate increase as sanctioned by the Public Utilities Commission will have a spiraling and disastrous effect on our Borough, with repercussions, which could not possibly be stated in one letter or understood at this point in time. We are not ignorant and understand that the cost of all consumer goods and services increase... However, a 73% hike is irresponsible, atypical, and unprecedented, especially when those implementing it have the resources and the knowledge to have planned this so that it could have been handled proportionately over the recent years to persons with children’s futures to protect, senior citizens financially limited by fixed incomes, and small business dependent on tourists and residents, who are only going to patronize them if their prices continue as affordable... I think people are trying to understand the reasons for the increase, but even if they do the truth is many will suffer financially and will have to make sacrifices they should not have to due to his raise. I am respectfully urging that something be done immediately before this exorbitant increase has an irreversible effect on our rural community. We suggest that the PUC hold a local public hearing so viable options might be explored and reasonable solutions found. Matthew Osterberg Milford Borough Council President