History research

| 29 Sep 2011 | 08:58

    To the editor: Most people living in the Tri-State area already know that Aliton’s Pharmacy has been a fixture in the community for a very long time. With plans mounting for Port Jervis’ centennial celebration next year, Aliton’s thought it would be nice to reflect on its own origins. Research has begun on the company’s history, and it’s been discovered tjat the company goes back for more than a century. In addition to this, the company’s founder played an integral part in the formation of Port Jervis. In learning these facts, Aliton’s now intends on setting up an historic display as well as creating a brief in-house video to share with the public: the company’s story and how the founders helped shape this community. We are seeking help from the community. If anyone has information or photographs from early Port Jervis, if anyone knows anything about the early pharmacies, druggists, alchemists, or apothecaries, and/or if anyone knows any of the descendants of (or have any information about): Robert H. Bauman; John Osterhout; Emily Aliton; Helen Aliton; George Aliton; Benjamin C. Quick; or Stephen St. John, please contact Bryan or Jason at Aliton’s at 845-856-8314. Anyone interested in viewing our collection is more than welcome to stop by Aliton’s. The display should be up by the end of the summer. Bryan Zellmer Aliton’s Pharmacy