In response to Mr. Geist

| 28 Sep 2011 | 03:01

    To the editor: Re: letters to Viewpoints, Friday, 10-14-2005. Your letters started innocently enough with a wonderful treatise on the recognition of veterans for their service to our country. I am proud to say that I am one of those veterans and appreciate the sentiments presented. Unfortunately, I read the second letter by Jim Geist of Hewlitt, N.J. It was the most vitriolic propaganda that should have been buried deep and would still smell up the neighborhood. How dare you allow such unrelenting hate to be distributed as a means of showing where your liberalism lies? This vunder kind’s hate Bush campaign is another example of one who can’t offer any solutions to problems we have as a country. However, he can only show, in my opinion, unremitting hate for the president of all of us with no rhyme or reason. The letter you published, seen by our troops abroad can be demoralizing. Watching the UN try to instill their pronouncements on our people is just ludicrous. We can have a world of corruption headed by people like those Iranian Mullahs who count themselves among the terrorists and the Korean dictator who would like to blow up our land. Probably, Mr Geist would like to be counted among them so that he can show how to really hate and corrupt our lives. Thanks for nothing Mr. Editor. If this is the kind of drivel you are going to continue to publish, please cancel my subscribtion. Respectfully submitted, Mike Zweiter, Milford