Let's be kinder

| 29 Sep 2011 | 08:25

    To the Editor: I was not at the Architectural Review Board meeting referenced by Peter Rushton in his recent letter criticizing Beth Kelley on her remarks to the Hotel Fauchere partners. Since I was not there, I feel it would be inappropriate for me to offer any opinion publicly on that particular event based merely on what was reported by the press or what was conveyed by word of mouth. Since Mr. Rushton was also not at that meeting, I do question the severity of his comments towards Ms. Kelley. Like Ms. Kelley, Mr. Rushton is a responsible and dedicated volunteer of this community. Mr. Rushton is a member of the Milford Borough Planning Commission of which I am the chairperson. In light of our appointed positions, we are well aware that often times what is reported and quoted may present a significantly different view from the actual event itself when taken out of context. I was chairperson of ARB the first year and Ms. Kelley was vice-chair. With little public support and the newly proposed Milford Health and Wellness Center looming as our first major project seeking ARB compliance, the task was not easy. This was fast becoming a full-time position and it was necessary for me to resign after the first year. Never wavering, and with no less work in sight, Ms. Kelley has been chairperson ever since. As with the Wellness Center, the minutes of the ARB meetings document Ms. Kelley’s numerous hours of time, energy and acclamations to the exquisite restoration of the Hotel Fauchere. All too often, organizations (and their members) such as the ARB, the Milford Enhancement Committee, and the Historic Preservation Trust are unjustly criticized by those who neither understand nor want to be involved with the process that these boards must go through. Who can deny that Milford is looking great?! But these tasks of creating streetscapes and restoring buildings can be difficult, trying and costly. As Milford is going through its renaissance, perhaps we could all take a deep breath and be a bit kinder to one another. Dedicated volunteers such as Ms. Kelley are hard to find. She is experienced, knowledgeable and she takes the responsibility of her position very seriously. Her efforts have definitely helped to contribute to the overall beautification of Milford. Beth, hang in there and thank you. The results of your devoted efforts will be enjoyed by generations to come. Hotel Fauchere, I wish you much success. Milford is proud of your magnificent work and eagerly awaits the opening of your doors. Peter, I’ll see you at our next meeting. I assure you, any discussion of this matter will be strictly off the record. Ed Raarup Milford