Letter to the Commissioners

| 29 Sep 2011 | 08:47

    To the editor: I would like to call your attention to an article in Newsweek, of May 26, titled “Will your vote count in 2006.” These are exactly the kinds of election concerns that legislators in 26 states have. They have taken action to require machines that give the voters a paper receipt that can be traced, confirmed, recorded and counted. The Diebold TSX machines have been described as one of the least secure machines made. Professors of computer science from Johns-Hopkins and Stamford are among those making these claims. These machines were chosen, not because they were your choice, but mainly because they could be delivered in time to avoid federal penalties (sounds like coersion to me). My own research has turned up many reports of these machines malfunctioning and giving out incorrect totals. Amateuir computer students have been able to re-program these machines with software that would give any desired result within minutes. You have failed to give voter security to your constituents by your actions. If we cannot feel that our vote is secure everything that we were taught in grade school about what American ideals and values are doesn’t seem to matter any more. When the machines in Bucks county could not all be delivered in time, they applied for and received premission to use a combination of new and old lever type machines. They didn’t just order a system that was flawed, without proper research, because they could be delivered in time. I am deeply disappointed in our commissioners lack of research and rush to comply attitude. And please, as one commissioner does, don’t dismiss this as “propaganda.” Who benefits from an insecure voting system? Is the possible cost of a fine worth democracy? Donald Minasian Milford