A letter from parents

| 13 Oct 2021 | 05:39

    To the Editor:

    Political elections tend to bring out the worst in people. We’ve all had a front row seat to this over the last year and a half. In that, what kind of example are we setting for our children?

    We have listened to and been threatened by many for our views; we are not monsters, stupid, ignorant, uninformed, or uncaring parents. Of course we care about our children and the community, which is why we are asking the appropriate questions and researching all of the science.

    We believe that we owe it to our children to consider the greater impact of these mandates and to not just follow the loudest voice or agenda. The pandemic with all its confusion and mandates that come and go have also brought an onslaught of increased depression, substance abuse and increased suicide rates for our society at large, including our children, and so we owe it to them to consider these affects as well.

    This election and mask mandate is not only about personal freedoms, but also the physical and mental well-being of our children who are considered a very low-risk group for Covid. It’s about weighing all the benefits and risks of the current situation and making an informed decision on what is best for our children. We understand that some people are fearful but we can no longer continue to make decisions driven by fear.

    We have all been pulled in so many directions that we can’t even ascertain what is credible truth anymore. The one thing that remains an absolute truth for every one of us is that we care deeply for our children and will fight for what we think is right for them, but how we fight is what truly matters. Listening, respecting one another and differing opinions is how we set an example for them.

    We want to publicly thank the board for not only making the right decision but for following the law. We know the intense backlash they are faced with as a result of making these decisions and want them to know that we are on their side, and they have our support.

    Please show your support and vote to re-elect Pam Lutfy, Jessica Decker, and Felicia Sheehan and elect Derek Smith on Nov. 2.

    Brian Fells