A price for litter

| 25 Apr 2022 | 11:29

    I was pleased to see the Upper Delaware Council letter and its cleanup efforts. Lord knows, Pike County and the Poconos are a dumping ground for garbage. I grew up here 60 years ago and it never looked like it does today. Yes, many tourists and residents are to blame, but the proliferation of fast food and take out coffee joints are also to blame.

    It is our largest social problem that could be solved overnight, if people didn’t throw trash out the window. I walk the road near our house in Dingman Township to pick up what slobs leave behind. Trash blocks culverts and causes road flooding and other problems. Most of the trash is aluminum cans, which are worth money at any scrap yard. I made $763 last year from slobs who toss cans. Who couldn’t use $763 in tax free money?

    I was involved many years ago in Adopt-A-Highway sponsored by PennDOT. I am a retired newspaper reporter from the Philadelphia area. I wrote about the program and helped organize our newspaper’s litter program. I suggested to PennDOT several people on trash patrol be designated to pick up ONLY aluminum cans, which could be turned in for money. PennDOT did not seem to care and never listened to my suggestion.

    After all, we hear how PennDOT never has any money. Just look at our crumbling roads.

    I realize with all of our problems litter is minor to people, but it is unsightly and totally unnecessary.

    George Mattar

    Milford, PA