A vote for Jay Tucker is a vote for positive growth

| 16 Apr 2015 | 08:50

    To the Editor:
    Pike County residents will assess our current and future county leadership in the upcoming Pike County Commissioners' election. We are fortunate to have an exemplar, John Jay Tucker, as a Democratic candidate, offering his vision, skills, and proven leadership. He runs for office with the joy and support of many residents who have interacted with Jay professionally, in stewardship, and as our friend.

    Much sets Jay apart from others in this election, most importantly his many successes and achievements in areas where we desperately need forward guidance and vision. Jay has a career of bringing people together, successfully working for shared goals. Pike's human resources and economic stagnation have been tolerated for far too long. Jay understands the importance of "community" in action for future growth, and will work with us as "partners" for the betterment of our collective community.

    Visit johnjaytucker.com to review Jay's many impressive credentials. Through his professional work as chairperson of the Delaware Valley School District Counseling Department and his work with the College Board, Jay has earned a sterling reputation. He has touched the lives of many of us in Pike County. Say "no" to unproductivity and stagnation. Say "yes" to positive future growth!

    Renée Hoover