Aspiring DA leaves out facts

| 09 Sep 2015 | 05:38

    To the Editor:
    One of the most basic qualities for someone who desires to serve justice in our community would seem to be honesty. In this it is pretty clear Kelly Gaughan is lacking.

    In one attack ad, Gaughan didn’t bother with the whole story about the man who inflicted such severe harm on his wife. According to court records (, after assaulting his wife, he drove his wife to the hospital. Had he been tried for attempted murder, very likely a juror might have believed he felt remorse and would not have found him guilty. Nevertheless, DA Ray Tonkin was successful in getting him a sentence of up to 70 1/2 years in jail.

    The sentence was appealed, but the justices agreed with Ray Tonkin, a DA with two terms experience as Pike County District Attorney.

    Do we want to risk the trial of Eric Frein to someone who clearly leaves out the facts and has no experience as a prosecutor?

    Grace Hatton