‘C’ what I ‘C’ in Cristin Cavallaro

| 26 Apr 2023 | 04:38

    Clearly, Cristin Cavallaro has the credentials, moral character, aptitude, sound principles, a code-of-ethics and fortitude to serve as Magisterial District Judge for Matamoras/Milford Borough/Milford Township and Westfall Township.

    It has been my honor to know Cristin for more than 25 years (in different capacities) where she has consistently displayed a genuine, honest, forthright, even-tempered mannerism.

    As well, Cristin can ‘take-the-bull-by-the-horns’ (when necessary) with compassion, understanding, fairness, diplomacy and grace.

    Cristin never loses focus, or sight, of any issue.

    Cristin will certainly set the bar high to serve, protect and uphold our judicial system with honor, integrity and respect.

    Please ‘’C’’ what I ‘’C’’ and vote for Cristin Cavallaro, District Judge, on May 16, to represent, and serve, the good folks of Milford/Westfall/Matamoras, Pennsylvania.


    Diane J. Stierle

    Milford Borough