Congratulations, and thank you

| 03 Nov 2021 | 06:05

    To the Editor:

    I for one am glad the election is over. I congratulate all of the winners and look forward to how you will help our community heal, grow, and prosper.

    These past few months have been crazy for all of us. And, at times, got a little out of hand with the politicking, especially for those that follow what is going on locally on social media.

    I continue to stay hopeful no matter what. I know after an election there will be many who are proud and many who are angry. Let’s all agree to either win or lose gracefully and focus on building a cohesive and fruitful community.

    There are many other ways outside of politics one can make change in their community. Every organization in the county is looking for volunteers: be it someone to help pick up leaves or serve on a board, most of the time a little bit of both. Please consider serving your community through the countless volunteer opportunity here in Pike County.

    And a special thank you to all who have offered their time to our community, you are the real heroes in our community.

    Tony Perito